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Alna care Gold facial kit for Radiant & Glowing skin

NPR 1,920.00

Gold facial kit for Radiant & Glowing skin




  • Alna gold facial kit has the top ingredients to give you a skin that radiates glow and brightens the skintone , it reduces the skin tone in every use . you can use it 10 times in one box , it contains ingredients such as swarna bhasma , walnut which work to give you a fairer and bright skin
  • our facial kit gives a person complete clean up and reduces blemish , it works as an anti ageing agent as well because it gives a fairer looking skin that is cleansed and pores are cleaner with blackheads removed giving a younger looking skin .
  • it is made with the latest processes to clear all ingredients and use the pure form of the ingredients to give best results
  • it helps in reducing blackness and making skin whiter and gives clearer skin tone , it reduces skin tone
  • it is so easy to use you can even use it at home , how to use is given behind the box and for better results have a glass of water before the facial giving your body a moisture and it contains moisturizer agents , it gives an amazing lightening of the skin , the lighten skintone is then given brightness by the swarna bhasma giving a clearer , tighter skin


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