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Kumkumadi Facial Kit 200gms

NPR 5,280.00

Kumkumadi Facial Kit+Essential Blend, BRIGHTNESS OF THE SUN AND FAIRNESS OF THE MOON – Classical Therapeutic created with the Goodness of saffron and 16+ mystical herbs




  • Kumkumadi Facial kit : Use for seven consecutive nights makes the skin glow with the radiance of gold.kumkumadi essential blend works as a skin serum that gives brightness and gives a vibrant skin
  • Contains Cleansing Milk,face pack , massage cream scrub , face pack , kumkumadi essential blend,
  • Kumkumadi oil brightens complexion and eliminates blemishes, dark spots, uneven texture and uneven skin tone. Kesar stigma(Crocus sativus):Antioxidant: Depigmentation activity: Decreases redness. UV absorbing agent: Antiageing activity.
  • Manjith( Rubia cordifolia) Anti-acne, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial property. Kamal keshar( Nelumbo nucifera) Anti-inflammatory, Potent anti-ageing agent. Til taila(Sesame oil) Anti-inflammatory Moisturizer Ajadugdh (Goat milk) Higher Vitamin A content ; immunity stimulation
  • Mulethi ( Glycyrrhiza glabra) Potent tyrosinase inhibitor. Chandan( Santalum album) potent inhibitor of tyrosinase Raktchandan( Pterocarpus santalinus):Pterostillbene possesses anti-inflammatory properties


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