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Usheeradi Facial Kit 250gms

NPR 4,160.00

Whitening Usheeradi Facial Kit, deep Skin Brightening &Glowing Skin therapeutics,gives Freshness and Relaxation,a blend of 15 + herbs to give a Fair skin, For All Skin Types Best For Oily Skin




  • Usheeradi Facial Kit – Contains : Deep Purifying Cleanser , Soothing scrub , fairness gel , whitening massage cream , brightening face pack
  • It soothes skin, and is a wonderful antimicrobial agent. It is helpful in acne, skin infections, rashes, burns and scars.It also activates the olfactory centers in your brain to provide relief from stress-anxiety, improve sleep quality and relieve headaches.
  • Licorice has amazing properties that helps reduce the skin cells damage. It also helps to reduce dark spots and pimple marks. And bring out beautiful glowing skin.Neem for skin whitening can be used as neem is a potent pigmentation control and can also control both pigmentation and depigmentation of the skin. It can stop your skin from losing color and then gradually Adds skin whitening .
  • A sandalwood can also work as an excellent anti-tan agent and whiten our skin tone significantly. powerful bleaching agent, which lightens our skin tone by removing sun tan and other blemishes from it. Thee petals of the hibiscus plant are rich in antioxidants as well as AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which make the skin look younger, and prevent signs of ageing – wrinkles, dark spots and skin texture that is losing elasticity.
  • Organic Type – Natural & Ayurvedic , herbal , Organic


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