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Beardo GodFather Beard Wash 100ml

NPR 399.00




Cleanse and conditions | Nourishes Beard | Softens | Pleasent Fragrance | Nice Lather | For Healthy Beard
HYDRATE & CLEANSE: Using a unique blend of natural oils with glycerin that effectively cleanses and moisturises your beard and sking without stripping them of essential hydrators
RICH LATHER: Simply apply through wet beard to produce a rich lather that deeply cleanses the beard and can be rinsed away with minimum effort. Apply beard shampoo and massage thoroughly using water and let the lather do the rest
EASY & EVERYDAY NOURISHMENT: Made using naturally derived oils like avocado, castor and argan that nourishes and strengthens hair roots to boost your bountiful beard
REFRESHING FRAGRANCE: This fresh scented wash is gentle yet effective in keeping your beard healthy and shiny while infusing an air of fresh sophistication


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